Welcome to Feudal

A multiplayer diplomacy based roleplaying game.

Game Features

Embark in a journey of war & diplomacy

Feudal takes place in Sennwyr, a region comprised of a number of player run kingdoms. Each kingdom has its own Emperor, who is responsible for the administration of the kingdom.


Each city in Sennwyr has a player controlled Emperor. To become Emperor you must challenge and defeat the current Emperor. Emperors can create clans and guilds to help them in their quest to build the most powerful Kingdom. Cities can go to war with other cities and battle for control.

War Policy

Emperors can modify each cities war policy dictating what happens to the city when it is at war. They can also ally with other cities as they see fit. Emperors can manipulate payouts to citizens and invest in various benefits to the city and its citizens.


Each clan is created manually by an Emperor of a city. Each Clan has a leader and staff to help manage the Clan. Clans main purpose is generating currency from killing enemy players.

And much much more

There is so much to offer and we can't wait to see you in Sennwyr, so....what are you waiting for!